Leon was founded by Angelica DeLeon, a petite visionary, driven by her passion to create fashion that speaks to the real fit needs of petite women. Established in 2015, Leon swiftly identified the gap in the market for products tailored to suit the petite frame, thus emerging as a solution-driven brand.

Our journey began with a mission to empower petite women worldwide, ensuring they feel confident and celebrated in their true fit. As a brand, we resonate with the spirit of exploration and confidence. 

Each season, we embark on a global quest, seeking the finest materials and designs to craft garments that blend style with substance. We also seek talented teams consisting of models, analysts, photographers, makeup artists, and creative directors to continue bringing Leon to life. 

Our belief is simple: clothing should not only fit our truest size but also elevate our everyday life. Today, Leon proudly serves an international clientele, continuing to redefine fashion for the petite woman, one impeccably fitted garment at a time.